I found my way back to art after a long career in business. After retiring from IBM I am finding a new life and passion in metal sculpture and metal smithing. I am truly enjoying sharing that passion and its resulting works with others.


I often draw from my college architectural studies to create contemporary art. I enjoy incorporating the angles and curves of geometric shapes, positive and negative space and flowing movement to design my indoor and outdoor sculptures and jewelry. By combining texture, form, and patinas, I am celebrating the unique qualities that metals bring to art.


I live  and work in Stony Creek, Connecticut with my husband, Jim and wonder dog Moose. My work has been exhibited in the Willoughby Wallace Library, Stony Creek; Guilford Arts Center, Guilford; Chroma Gallery, Guilford; Blackstone Memorial Library, Branford; Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven; and private collections.

I invite you to come and visit my studio.  Please see my contact  and events pages to arrange a visit. I would love to show you available pieces, work-in-progress and to discuss custom pieces.